Frequently Ask Question

How To Properly Wash Your Socks

When washing our socks, the recommended option is to use cold water. This will keep all of the socks stretchy and able to fit over your feet. Adding heat to the socks makes it susceptible to shrinking. The stretchiness will wear off and it might be too tight afterward, ruining the socks.

For the best washing, you can turn your socks inside out. This will remove the smell and bacteria that is held on the inside from daily wear and tear. It keeps the socks fresh and clean from the inside out. When you’re wearing the socks you will want the inside to feel comfortable and clean.

When drying them use low tumble dry, not a heat setting. High tumble dry might stretch or mess up the socks. When heat is added, the socks might shrink and then wouldn’t fit. You don’t have to hand wash or dry your socks, just use low and cold setting and your socks will last for a long time!

How Do You Care For The Socks?

You’ve probably noticed that heat will shrink the socks. So another thing to keep your socks fresh and durable is to not iron them. Try to apply as little heat as possible to any pair of socks you have. Daily heat and heat from the sun won’t do anything to them, but extreme heat from a dryer or iron will.

Another way to care for them is to not bleach the socks. They may look nicer for a few weeks but bleach eats away at the fabric and makes them easier to tear. A bad bleaching job can also mess up the design of any color, so it won’t match anything in your wardrobe. Buy the socks that work for you, but are also your style.