Who Is Sock Me One?

Sock Me One is a new up and coming sock company established in 2018! Our socks are ones that pack a punch and will have you jumping for joy! We use high-quality materials so you can be the best while feeling the best. 

Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and cool socks that are made just for you! You will no longer feel the harsh effects of a long day after you have worn our cushion socks! Try on a pair and see how your days change.

Our Company Principals

Our Customer Guarantee

As a company, we always want what’s best for our customers. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments contact us at any time. We are always in your corner and are here to help you! You can email us any time at [email protected]

Our Passion

We want to create the most functional designs out there. Not only will we have everyday and casual socks, but creations that will catch your eye. We strive to create the most imaginative and comfortable socks on the market. There’s a style for everyone and we want people to be able to express themselves in every way possible.

Our Standards

Not only do we want the most innovative socks but we also aim to produce the highest quality socks. All of our socks are made to look, feel, and stay amazing. We manage and take care of all of our materials to make sure each sock is made to be the best.

How We Got Started

The realization for this B2C model was created by Todd Plaster. Todd has been living in China for nearly 20 years. During this time has been running his own trading company, which helps other companies from around the world to get products made in China. 

Having three very young children todd he knew that he would eventually be moving back to the United States to raise and educate his children. The dilemma was if he left China his business would suffer. As this type of business required him to be in China.

In late 2013 Todd met an American in China who introduced him to the concept of selling products via online through Amazon. After spending a few days with this person Todd knew this was exactly the type of business and opportunity he was looking for!

This was the business model which was going to give Todd the freedom and opportunity he had been looking for, moreover, this would allow him to do business from anywhere in the world and eventually move back to the United States!

In early 2014 Todd discussed with his wife about his idea of wanted to sell online. He explained in order to do this, she would have to take over the trading company and allow Todd to focus 100% of his time learning the art of online sales and marketing.  

Only in this way could they succeed, as this was a completely different business model and would take all of his efforts and attention! She agreed and in mid-2014 Todd started learning anything and everything he could about online sales and marketing and by September had his first products up and selling on Amazon.

For the next 3 years, this new venture of selling online was anything but easy, needless to say profitable! Not only had Todd still not made a profit, he had lost money which they could not afford and now his wife was beginning to doubt if he would ever make this happen.

Determined to prove her wrong Todd kept learning and adjusting and finally around 2018 things started looking better and they were now turning a small profit. In about February of 2018, Todd talked with his long-time Chinese friend who is a big player in the manufacturing of socks and explained his idea for Sock Me One.

Obviously, as we are writing this, he agreed and in April 2018 they started moving forward firstly with the creation of the Sock Me One website. Where this venture will end no one knows, but what we do know is if you “ Sock Me One”  and if you knock me down you can be sure we won’t be staying there!

Contact Us

If you have any questions look at our FAQ page, you may find the answer there! If not then feel free to email us if you need any question to be answered, or have a problem of any kind just send us an email at:  [email protected]

We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our socks and we’ll do everything to make sure you get the best ones available.

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